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The Messy Gospel

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I have become more and more convinced that the healthier a church becomes the messier it will appear. I get very concerned with the “perfect” churches that exist. If our goal is to look nice then we are missing the point of church.

The church that runs out of problems is no longer functioning as it should. When was the last time you saw a hospital that was not full of sick people? When was the last time you saw an emergency room that did not have a line?

I am not referring to Christians creating issues within their church. Rather I am talking about a constant influx of people who are hurting. Effectiveness in regards to sharing the Gospel will attract the sick, hurting and dying. Wherever Jesus went, He had people following Him. Why? For some they wanted to see Him do something neat. For others, they wished to be wowed by His oratory skills. Yet, there was always another group. It was those who were sick. It was those who were dying. It was those who had loved ones hovering at death’s door. Why were they there? Jesus had the ability to heal. He loved them. He saw them. He really saw them. He looked at them and was overwhelmed with compassion. He could not help Himself but to help them and offer hope. In fact His heart broke for these people.

The day, everybody is wearing only really nice dress clothes and there are no longer cigarette butts in our parking lots and no ripped jeans in our pews, we are in trouble. If the hurting never show up to our church we must ask why that is the case. Have we deterred the hurting people from coming into our churches.

It would unimaginable if a bunch of hospital employees got together for the sole purpose of heckling the sick and the dying when they showed up to a hospital. Imagine if you will that as people walked into the hospital these hecklers said things like, “you don’t fit in here”, “stop acting that way”, “you are too sick”, or “we don’t have time for you”. That would be irresponsible at best. Why? Well the hospital is where these people belong. The hospital exists to serve them.

Scripture tells us that Christ came to heal the sick. He tells us that it is the sick who need the help and not the healthy. We actually find His followers hindering children from coming to Him. Christ rebukes them sharply and then blesses the children. Another time we find a blind man crying out to Jesus only to be silenced by people who wanted an encounter with Jesus. In this case, Jesus called the blind man to Himself and healed him. There are countless stories like this in Scripture where the religious leaders of the day or Christ followers hindered people from coming to Jesus. It happened then and it happens now. Have we become like those hospital employees that heckle the sick and the dying? Have we treated people as if we and Jesus are too busy for them? Are their sins too repulsive? Jesus is never too busy and nothing is ever to repulsive that it will overwhelm grace.