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In the wake of yet another tragedy I find my heart aching.  Yet, I am not just feeling heartache for those who lost loved ones and those who so senselessly lost their lives.  My heartache is a result of the response that senseless violence is yet again producing.  

As children most of us were taught the golden rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  My question is this, would you want anyone standing on the grave of your loved one to make a point?  I don’t think so!  How is it that the first response of a vast majority of our populace is not one of grief but of proving a political point.  

So here is my message that I want to scream!

Hey gun rights activists-Shutup!

Hey gun control activists-Shutup!

Hey hatemongerers-Shutup!

Hey xenophobes-Shutup!

Hey Republicans-Shutup!

Hey Democrats-Shutup!

Stop using the graves of the innocent as a prop for your political agenda!  It is disgusting!  How is it that we as a nation have forgotten about compassion?  How is it that compassion is no longer the first response we feel and it is has become a secondary response only after we have screamed our political leanings?

I fear for my country. Why? Well, it feels like compassion as has left the building.  It feels like love for our fellow man and woman has left the building.  Bipartisanship will never be regained on any level unless compassion and love aren’t first in place.  We no longer ask how we can serve.  Rather we seek to get our own way and seek to have our voice heard.  Maybe, just maybe we should hug the mom’s, dad’s, husbands, wives, children and friends who have yet to attend the funeral service of their loved ones.  They are still in a state of shock and we are using their pain as a means to trumpet our cause.

Could less restrictive gun rights have have saved some of the slain? Maybe.  Could more restrictive gun policies have saved some of the slain? Maybe.  How about we lay to rest our fellow Americans before engaging in political infighting about what policy could have better served them or what policy failed them. 

There is a lot of uncertainty in our world.  We see violence far too often.  We see pain far too often.  I no longer can listen to the news on the radio when my kids are present.  I no longer can watch the evening news when my children are awake for fear of exposing them to unspeakable evils.  What we do know is this: 14 people are dead and 17 have been injured.  Let’s honor them.  Let’s grieve with those who grieve.  Let’s allow our hearts to be break with those who hearts are now broken.