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To the walking wounded;
The reason I am writing is because I carry with me an acute awareness that so many of the people that I know and that I love live with very real pain. Your pain is often quite hidden from others but it is there and it is real. Some of you have lost children. Some of you have had a spouse declare, I never loved you. Others battle cancer or have a spouse who battles cancer. Some of you have family members addicted to pills or alcohol. While others are victims of your own mind and you have a propensity to believe the lies that swirl in your head.  
I have come to the conclusion that the walking wounded are everywhere we go. Often they wear a smile on their face and appear as though they have it all together. Yet, right below the surface is a pain that is so real that is nearly paralyzingly. This is why I write this. I write this knowing I can’t fix it. I write this knowing that many of you desperately long for a release from the pain that haunts you when you get up in the morning and that keeps you awake at night.  
I desire to share two stories of personal injury that I have had. One of them is pretty gross but i hope that you will stick with me on this.  
Injury #1: Back when I was in college I had the pleasure of playing on the college soccer team. I am not going to claim that I was anything great but I loved it. There was something about competition and being apart of a team that was just awesome. During my sophomore year of college I developed a severely infected ingrown toenail in one of of big toes. This was an issue as you can imagine. I battled through the pain but the pain only got worse. So I decided in my 19 year old brain that I would fix the problem myself. I would routinely do minor surgery on myself to drain of the grossness that was in my toe. It was not good. It looked awful. It constantly hurt and hurt a lot. Yet, I never went to the Dr. during the soccer season because I knew what he would do to me and I did not want to be sidelined for the rest of the season. Because of this I continued to play and tried to ignore the pain. It was awful and instead of getting better it got worse. Finally after “managing” this issue for a few months I went home on break. While I was home I took a trip to the podiatrist (foot dr.). Well, let me tell you, the foot doc was not too happy with me. He lit into me and told me that if I had continued to let my infection go that I could have lost my toe. He then did a minor surgical procedure on my foot, gave me an antibiotic and sent me on my way. In no time at all I was fully healed.
Injury #2: My family and I live in an older house that has been in a constant state construction for the past 3 years. Well, roughly a year ago I was doing to some work on my stairwell. I was running my screw gun when the bit of my screw gun slipped out of the screw I was driving in. My hand slammed forward and as it did so found the end of a nail and and the nail proceeded to jaggedly rip open the back of my right hand near my knuckles and between my middle and ring fingers. As soon as I did it, I knew I was in trouble. I promptly grabbed my hand, walked into the kitchen and announced to my wife, I have to go get stitches. She promptly called my mother to set up childcare. She drove me to a medical facility where a doctor stitched me after intensely scrubbing my wound. I also received a tetanus shot and a prescription for an antibiotic. I then had to set up a followup visit with my primary care provider. It was not good.  
Why do I share these things? Well, I know that some of you reading this are living with wounds and are taking the 19 year old Jon methodology. You think you got it. For you fear that seeking true help will hurt too much. Reality is, you are allowing your wounds to fester. Your management of the pain is not the road to recovery rather it is the road to infection. Sooner or later it must be dealt with or drastic measures will be required. The sad truth is that there are people ready and available to help if we would humbly seek out help.  
On my right hand I have a scar that will be there the rest of my life. My hand will never be the same. The scar won’t go away. Why? The accident I had was real. It is painful. It was bloody. It was scary. Along with the scar there is also scar tissue. It is a sensitive area. Scar tissue often will very quickly remind us of the injury we once had. I also have finger that I seriously injured about 25 years ago that has a lot of scar tissue on it. If I whack that finger on something it really hurts. It immediately reminds me of the incident that caused that injury. Yet, while I carry scars on my body in several places as well as scar tissue, I do not carry infections. I do not carry gaping wounds. Why? The simple answer; I got help.  
Here is a very real thing, help was available but it took action on my part to get it. None of the doctors that helped me ever made a house call. If I wanted the healing that I so desperately needed then I needed to choose to pursue it. I had to choose to say to those who were qualified to help: HELP!  
If you identify as the walking wounded I beg you to get help. Surviving is not living. At some point the pain will become unbearable. Please do not allow it to get that place. Seek health, help and freedom.  
Please feel free to contact me if you desire health. While I may not be able to help you in your current situation, I will do my best to introduce you to someone who can.
Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10.10) Isn’t it time for abundant living? Pursue Christ and pursue health. 

 You matter to God and you matter to me.
Pastor Jon