Day 1 of Daily Musings

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Daily Musings

This is something I shared with somebody yesterday. I am curious what your thoughts are on this statement.

“I have become very convicted that the church must be more of a beacon of light to the community than a buffet line for Christians.” -Me

  1. Jeff Thuman says:

    Hi Jon,
    Discovered your blog and have been reading your comments. This one got my attention.
    I’m not sure how secure this is so I’ll keep this rather bland.
    I have had several opportunities to witness to people recently. Usually due to an event that rocks someone’s world.
    The hard part is taking the time to care and love the people God has placed “in my way”. The relationship I have with people before there is a crisis is always a key factor in how effective my witness is during a crisis.
    Look forward to a dialogue with you some day, Sandy’s Country Kitchen perhaps 🙂


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