I Want to be More Like Daniel

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I wish I was more like my son Daniel. Daniel is my 3, soon to be 4, year old son. He is a one of the great joys of my life. He has an infectious smile and shares my bizarre sense of humor. We spend many hours laughing and playing together.

Because Daniel is my youngest child (and our last), I look at him much differently. I do little kid things with him that I will never again do with his older siblings. It would be a bold faced lie to say that I am not going to greatly miss having a young child in my house when they are all grown up. You just can’t beat the hugs, the I love you’s and the sticky peanut butter kisses of a young child.
Now that Daniel is getting bigger, he desires to be more independent. Even when I desire that he still act like my baby. There are times when we are out running errands that I will reach down and pick him up only to be told, “I am a big boy, I want to walk.” So I let him walk. What I have found though is that if this occurs in a large facility such as the local Walmart, he will eventually hit his limit. His short legs tire out quicker than the other four members of his family and usually at some point he will stop, look up at me, reach out his arms and say, “Daddy can you carry me?”

Do you know what I do, I pick him up. The result of me picking him up are obvious, but I will state them nonetheless: When I pick them up, he is able to rest. When I pick him up, he is able to go further than he could ever go on his own. When I pick him up, he is safer in daddy’s arms than he is by himself (some of those people in Walmart are scary). When I pick him up, I am able to help him see things he would otherwise miss on his own.

At home my children seem to have an obsession of touching the ceiling in the kitchen. Yet, they cannot do it without daddy picking them up and holding them up in the air. They then experience the blessing of doing something they cannot do on their own.

In one of my favorite verses in the Bible Jesus says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11.28). Perhaps you to should be more like Daniel. Recognize what your limits are and learn to ask the Lord for His help so you can go further, so you can rest, so you can be safer and so you can do things that are not even possible on your own.


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