Christian Essentials?

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Thoughts, Uncategorized
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Quite often in Christian circles I hear a statement, “just focus on the essentials”.  However, the longer I study God’s Word the more confused I become about what this statement means.  Perhaps I need to start asking those who would make this statement to give me a clear definition of what the essentials are. 

Some would say that that which is essential is just the Gospel.  The more I study God’s Word, the more convicted I become that just focusing on the Gospel is never enough.

If every Word of God is inspired and every Word of God is profitable then wouldn’t that make all of Scripture essential?  If every Word of God is inspired and every Word of God is profitable (2 Timothy 3.16) then is it not supremely arrogant on my part to pick and choose which of God’s truths are the most important ones.  After all when I consider all of the truths God chose to preserve for us in His Word, aren’t they all the most important ones?  Perhaps in the Old Testament God made for the Israelites a list called the Ten Commandments (oh yeah He did) and then told them the four commandments that were the essential commandments (oh yeah, He didn’t)(Exodus 20).  The very idea of this is ridiculous.  Yet, it is done every day to preserve harmony.  I do not believe rejection of truth can ever result in biblical unity.  If rejection of truth is what causes an apparent unity, then it is better classified as apostasy and not unity.  Lowered standards do not exalt our  Lord.

Why is that many pastor’s never mention money…Jesus did!  Why is it if I speak on divorce people become offended…Jesus talked about it!  Why is that a well known evangelical pastor claims to have never used the word sin from the pulpit…After all Jesus did.

Our obligation is not to decide what is essential and what is non-essential but rather to focus on correctly handling all of God’s Word so as we have no need to be ashamed (2 Timothy 2.15).

The moral of the story is this, rejection of some truths to keep peace is not acceptable. 

As a minister of God’s Word, my obligation before God is to confidently preach the whole counsel of God Word not just the parts that will make others appreciate me.  After all, is my desire to please man or is my desire to please God (Galatians 1.10)?  At the end of my life my prayer is that it will be said that I ministered out of integrity not out of a desire to be a celebrity.


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