Syncretism’s New View…

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Thoughts, Uncategorized
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Syncretism is the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.

In the Old Testament we find the Israelites attempting to blend their worship of Jehovah with practices that involved worship and sacrifices to idols.  To make a long story short…it ticked God off.  He burned with righteous anger toward He people.  He held them accountable for their actions and punished them.

In the New Testament we find people that have been referred to as Judaizers trying to promote law and Christ at the same time.  They would say on one hand that Christ was sufficient yet on the other hand that you must be circumcised and fulfill Jewish dietary laws.  In essence, they were declaring to a watching world that Christ is not sufficient.

In modern day American churches we find a different type of syncretism.  Baal worship is not prevalent and neither is dietary laws.  What is prevalent is the worship of me.  I am not talking about people worshiping Jon Goodwin but I am talking about people being so focused on themselves that they will go to any means necessary to please themselves and all the while gladly proclaim “I am a Christian.”

The selfish nature of the modern day church is what I believe has contributed to shrinking congregations all across America.  If my focus becomes me, then is sure isn’t on reaching a lost and dying world for Christ.  If my focus becomes me, my family will take a back burner.  If my focus becomes me, then church becomes optional.  If my focus becomes me, then Christ is not my focus.

I am curious what your thoughts are on this subject.  Share your thoughts.  What are specific examples in the modern church where you belief syncretism exists?


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