Leadership Principles From Nehemiah Pt. 3 (Chapters 3 & 4)

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Lessons From Scripture, Nehemiah
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I will be covering two principles from Nehemiah today.  They are found in the third and fourth chapters.

Chapter 3 – A leader is concerned about the home front.  

In chapter three we find the walls being rebuilt.  Yet, Nehemiah did not go outside the city to hire workers to rebuild the walls.  Instead he instructed his people to work on their own parts of the walls.  They were to walk out of their front doors and go to the walls closest to them and get to work.  Work on the homefront!  Don’t worry about what needs to occur outside the city, work on what matters now.  Until the wall and gates were fixed, the Israelites were easy targets to all their enemies.

Chapter 4 – A leader is always prepared. (vs. 18)

With the threat of outside forces breathing down the neck of the Jewish workers a plan was needed to be put into to place.  Nehemiah’s workers were facing the possibility of an attack.  An attack that was meant to halt all progress on their disheveled city.  Instead of giving up and feeling sorry for himself Nehemiah did the job that God had tasked him to do and developed a plan for dealing with the possible attack.  He armed his workers.  In verse 18 we find that the workers are wearing swords and verse 13 we find people standing guard who are heavily armed.  You see a good leader is prepared for attacks.  He has a plan to deal with the enemy before he ever gets there.  For those who are not prepared, an enemy can wreak havoc.  Yet for those who resist, an enemy will often flee.

Are you concerned about the homefront?  You should be if you are not.  In fact in in 1 Timothy 3 one of the qualifications for a Pastor is that they manage their household well.  It then asks the rhetorical question “if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God.”

Are you prepared to fight for what is right?  Nehemiah’s people were.  You and your people should be as well.  Fleeing is not an option when the battle in on your home turf.  Resistance is the necessary course of action.   In James 4.7 we are told of the twofold process of dealing with an attack from the enemy.  1.  Submit to God. 2. Resist the Devil and then he will flee from you.  However, step one is submission not resistance.  To overcome the enemy we must first allow ourselves to be overcome by God.



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