Leadership Principles From Nehemiah Introductory Remarks

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Leadership, Lessons From Scripture, Nehemiah, Uncategorized
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The book of Nehemiah is a book that is jam packed with principles that spiritual leaders need to embrace.  In fact, out of the dozens of leadership books on my bookshelf, none measure up to this 13 chapter gem that is found in the Old Testament.

You see Nehemiah was not a theory or a manual that included “Top 10 Leadership Tips To Take Your Organization To The Next Level.”  He was man.  A man with a heart and a man with a mission.

My goal is to share with you 13 posts (14 if you include this one) on the book of Nehemiah.  There will be one for each of the chapters of Nehemiah.  I will be writing them from the leadership perspective but understand it is not limited to those who are in a position of leadership.  Biblical principles are for all to enjoy and benefit from.

One final thought before I throw this out in cyber world.  I will merely be referencing the book of Nehemiah.  For you fully receive the challenge and blessing that God desires for your life, you need to read the book of Nehemiah.  God’s Word is much more important than Jon Goodwin’s words so please do not read what I say and leave it at that.  Do some fact checking with your Bible!


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