Circumstances Are Not My Choice, But My Response Is

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Lessons From Scripture, Thoughts
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In Job one we find Job losing his children, his employees and his wealth.  In Job two we find him losing his health along with the support of his wife.  All of these things were completely out of Jobs control.  His life was in a tailspin.  Yet it was a tailspin that Job did not need to take responsibility for.  He had not made dumb choices to cause these things.  These attacks on his life were not a result of God’s punishment because Job had chosen to live in sin.  They were part of a larger spiritual battle for Jobs heart.

God does not expect you to be held responsible for circumstances that are outside your control.  There are things in life that happen that just aren’t your fault.  Yet in dealing with these circumstances, God does expect to hold you responsible for your response.  Response to tragedy is often a good indicator of someone’s heart.  After all, it is easy to bless the name of God when life is going well.  Yet do we acknowledge God’s goodness when life isn’t?  The goodness of God does not change even when we don’t feel like we are experiencing.  God remains the same yesterday, today and forever.

In my house, we have a family photo and on it is printed the latter half of Joshua 24.15 which says, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  The first half of this verse is a challenge to the people to make a choice;  who is it that you are going to serve?  This verse is fitting because it does not provide a clause to not serve God when circumstances do not go our way or when we feel that God is not near.  It says, choose it and liveit.

My response to everything I encounter says alot about my heart for God.  The question is, when life and circumstances are not pleasing to me, is my life still pleasing to God?


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