My Obedience Is Not Contingent Upon Somebody Else

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Lessons From Scripture, Thoughts, Uncategorized
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Yesterday I remarked on Job.  I made some brief remarks on how obedience is not dependent upon understanding.  I would like to continue and share another observation that we can make from the life of Job.

As a father of three kids I have noticed that when my children do something wrong they are quick to point the finger at someone else.  If I am to say to Matthew, why did you push your sister it is quite possible he will tell me that his sister stuck out her tongue.  I then will ask his sister why she stuck out her tongue and she will respond with, because he called me a name.  You see blame shifting is normal part of humanity that we need to be aware of and respond to purposefully.

Back in garden of Eden, Adam blamed Eve who blamed the serpant.  It has been part of the process of mankind from the beginning.  Yet God did accept the excuse instead He punished all who were guilty.

In the case of Job, he was given the opportunity to sin.  In fact he was encouraged to by his wife.  Scripture tells us (Job 2.9) that Job was encouraged to throw his integrity out the window and to curse God and die.  Job could have done exactly what his hurting wife called him to do.  He could have lost his integrity.  He could have uttered curses against his God and ended his own life.  Yet he did not.

Job responded to his wife with “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks.  Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” (Job 2.10)  Job recognized that all he had, had come from God and that God was still in control.  He realized that he could not follow his wife’s ill advice because regardless of how tough life was, it was still wrong.

How often do we hear lame excuses that are birthed out of the “he made me do it” syndrome?  God does not accept this and neither should we.  An obedient servant of the King is called to accept responsibility for his or her actions regardless of any other influences in their lives.  The question is, whose influence is stronger, God’s or man’s?  How we respond with actions and excuses will clearly answer that question.



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