3 Elements of Change (Notes from Sunday, January 1, 2012 Message)

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Here is the message in a nutshell.  Enough notes to prompt your memory.  Please feel free to add comments or questions.


Text: 2 Corinthians 5.16-21

Topic: Change

Title: 3 Elements of Change

This time of year is dominated by people’s sincere desire to change.  How many times have you heard the word resolution or resolutions?  It is only the first day of the year!  Perhaps some of you even are carrying with you a piece of paper that has a small list of things you wish to do differently this coming year.

Whether we like to admit it or not change is necessary not just as part of January 1st but in life in general.  When we look at where we came before we knew Christ to where we are now many of us can see a marked change or at least we should.  So today we are going I am going to ask that you look with me at Three Elements of Change.

Transition: The first element of change we are going to look at this morning is a Change in perspective.

  1. A Change In Perspective  (vs. 16-17)

Perspective truly is everything.  One of the things that comes with a relationship to Christ or should come with a relationship to Christ is a change in perspective.  This change truly is two-fold.

  1. Your view of others.
    1. Believers in Christ- Joint-heirs with Christ and you! (John 1)
    2. The unsaved world- People in need of a Savior.
    3. Your view of Christ.
      1. Someone you focus on daily or just Sunday relationship.
      2. Just close enough to get saved or close enough to have a changed life?!?

Transition #2: The first element of change was a change in perspective.  Now when perspective changes so does everything else.  So when this perspective changes, we also find a change in purpose and that is our second element we are going to look at today.  Elements #2 is a change in purpose.  Let’s read together verse 18-19.

  1. A Change In Purpose (vs. 18-19)

Purpose is a huge part of our lives though isn’t it?  We all desire it.  We all want a reason to get out of bed.  We all want something to live for that is bigger than ourselves.  In fact this past week I started listing out things not for this year but things that I wish to accomplish in life.  Sometimes purpose is bigger than you.  It is something that has been done for you.  All you have to do is find it and fulfill.  Easy to say huh?

  1. You may have noticed in these two verse that the word that is mentioned often comes from the root word reconcile.  In verse 18 we see reconciled, reconciliation and in verse 19 reconciliation.
  2. The word reconciled is more of a market term.  Suppose you have something I desire.  You value it at twenty dollars.  I give you twenty.  Guess what, we are both satisfied.  You have money and I have this new product.
  3. Or I go up to you and say, excuse me but do you have change for a ten.  You then pull out 1 five and 5 ones.  We are reconciled.
  4. Romans 6.23 says that the wages of sin is death.  Meaning- as a result of sin, God requires death.
  5. You were reconciled to God when Jesus paid the price God demanded!
  6. Where does reconciliation come from?  NOT ME!
  7. We find a two-fold process of biblical reconciliation

i.     You have been reconciled to God –not counting trespasses

ii.     You have been called to a ministry of reconciliation.

  1. Share the message of reconciliation that you have received!
  2. Share how God gave you a purpose!
  3. Share how Jesus paid what you could not!
  4. Make the message of reconciliation that God gave you’re your purpose!

Transition #3: Element #1 was a change in perspective.  Element #2 was a change in purpose.  Now if your perspective changes and so does your purpose then your actions are going to accompany it.  You are going to change what you do.  Therefore, the third element of change we are going to talk about is a change in profession.

  1. A Change In Profession (vs. 20-21)
    1. When ones perspective changes and their purpose changes, then their actions will often times fall into alignment.  Your profession is not just what you do, it is who you are.
    2. Unfortunately, when we talk about profession our culture does not seem to get it.  Work stinks!  Hard work is even worse.  People value making a quick buck with the least amount of work.
    3. We have inserted this thinking into our view of our Christian work ethic.
    4. Read with me again the following verses (20-21)
    5. What is your new profession supposed to be?  AMBASSADORS!
    6. AMBASSADOR- An ambassador is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a nation and is usually accredited to a foreign sovereign or government, or to an international organization.
    7. An Elder (Greek)- respected, shown worthy of the title.
    8. Chosen by the president.

These three changes are not things that I am suggesting you should become this morning.  These three changes are things that Christ has already set in motion for you.  He has given you all you need to do to have a change in perspective (you might just need to learn to see things biblically), He has given you all you need to have a change in purpose (you might just need to learn to get closer to Christ so you can hear Him tell you your purpose) and He has provided you with an opportunity to be an ambassador for the throne of the God of the universe.  You just need to accept the job.

Herein lies the issue though.  God establishes and then lets you do the job.  Are you doing the job?

You get the benefits without doing the work otherwise.  Are you abusing the system?  The system that God put in place to benefit you and to benefit all of humanity?  He wants your help because He sincerely wants a relationship with you and the rest of the world.



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