Lessons From Some Lepers

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Lessons From Scripture, Uncategorized
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In Luke 17 we find a narrative regarding 10 lepers that Jesus healed.  We find the story begins by telling us that Jesus was traveling on His way to Jerusalem when these lepers from far off cried out to Him and asked Him to heal them.  Jesus responded by telling these men to go and see the priests who would examine them and determine whether or not these men were truly healed. 

In the past when I had read this story I failed to notice a key statement that is found in Luke 17.14.  It says “And as they were going, they were cleansed.”  Meaning: the healing did not occur right away. 

These men possessed the faith to cry out to Jesus.  To implore Him to heal their malady that would ultimately lead to their deaths.  Jesus possessed the power to heal these men.  In fact the reason these men knew to cry to Jesus was probably due to the fact that they had heard stories of His great healings and miracles.  Yet the healing wasn’t instantaneous.  Jesus did not go lay hands on them.  He told them to leave and go see the priests. 

You see the point I have almost always overlooked when reading this chunk of Scripture was not that these men had faith or that Jesus had power but what I missed was a simple fact:  ACTION WAS REQUIRED!

These men did not get healed until they began their journey to see the priests.  Then and only then did they realize healing had occured.

I have to wonder how many times in my life have I asked a question out of great faith, knowing that my God had the power to answer my prayers.  Yet the reason they went unaswered was because I lacked action. 

So the question I would pose to you today is this: what action does God require of you?  I have to wonder as I evaluate my life, how many blessings have missed out on that God wanted to give me;  all because I failed to act.


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