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In Luke 17 we find a narrative regarding 10 lepers that Jesus healed.  We find the story begins by telling us that Jesus was traveling on His way to Jerusalem when these lepers from far off cried out to Him and asked Him to heal them.  Jesus responded by telling these men to go and see the priests who would examine them and determine whether or not these men were truly healed. 

In the past when I had read this story I failed to notice a key statement that is found in Luke 17.14.  It says “And as they were going, they were cleansed.”  Meaning: the healing did not occur right away. 

These men possessed the faith to cry out to Jesus.  To implore Him to heal their malady that would ultimately lead to their deaths.  Jesus possessed the power to heal these men.  In fact the reason these men knew to cry to Jesus was probably due to the fact that they had heard stories of His great healings and miracles.  Yet the healing wasn’t instantaneous.  Jesus did not go lay hands on them.  He told them to leave and go see the priests. 

You see the point I have almost always overlooked when reading this chunk of Scripture was not that these men had faith or that Jesus had power but what I missed was a simple fact:  ACTION WAS REQUIRED!

These men did not get healed until they began their journey to see the priests.  Then and only then did they realize healing had occured.

I have to wonder how many times in my life have I asked a question out of great faith, knowing that my God had the power to answer my prayers.  Yet the reason they went unaswered was because I lacked action. 

So the question I would pose to you today is this: what action does God require of you?  I have to wonder as I evaluate my life, how many blessings have missed out on that God wanted to give me;  all because I failed to act.


“As if screwing up on the field in front of millions of TV viewers wasn’t enough, the Monday after every game I got to relive my mistakes-over and over again, in slow motion and with commentary from the coaches!  Even when we won, we always took time to review our mistakes.  When you’re forced to confront your mistakes that often, you learn not to take your failures so personally.  I learned to fail fast, learn from my mistakes and move on.  Why beat yourself up about it?  Just do better next time.” – Joe Montana

Being a student means that studying is required, there will be homework and there will also be tests!  Unfortunately, to many students don’t care if they don’t do well on the test, they don’t care about homework and they certainly don’t want to study.  What do they want?  They want a passing grade at the end of the semester. 

I was rewarded in college when I was a good student.  I got good grades and even a certificate stating I was on the Dean’s List.  Unfortunately in my early years I was also rewarded for being a bad student.  The reward: bad grades and frustrated teachers who thought I was a slacker.  I did not get any A’s, I did not get any certificate’s from the Dean’s office and I had to retake some of my classes.

Unfortunately for many Christians, they fall into the bad student category.  Yet at the same time, they want to experience the blessings of being a good student.  Well guess what; the Chrstian walk does not work that way.  Many of life’s lessons are repeated due to failure, blessings are not given and they become quickly frustrated and ashamed of life’s poor choices. 

The question I pose today to you and I is this: which student are you? A you a good student or a bad student?  Do you do just enough to get by?  Do you do nothing and wait for God’s blessings? Or do you work your tail off?  God calls us to work.

2 Timothy 2.15 “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”