Don’t Give Up So Quickly

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Life Lessons, Thoughts
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I saw something today that reminded me that there are times in life that I give up to quickly.  You see, I saw life where I thought it no longer existed.

Several weeks ago my in-laws traveled to our house and brought with them several plants for transplanting.  One of these plants was a three foot tall black walnut tree.  I was pretty excited about the tree and knew exactly where I wanted to plant it.  So I dug my hole and planted my tree.  In an effort to further baby my tree along I even put mulch around its base.  My family and I dutifully watered our yards new addition.

Yet all the watering and babying of our new friend seemed to prove hopeless.  The leaves all fell off within a week.  After the leaves fell off, the branches started to curl up at the ends.  To look at it, you would have sworn it was dead.  Yet all the while, my family and I faithfully watered the tree.  Then last week my said to me, “I don’t think it made it.”  She had grabbed on the branches on the tree and it simply snapped off in her hand.  Together we reached the same conclusion: it was dead. 

I made plans to remove the tree.  After all, why mow around something that is dead.  I never did remove it.  In fact my wife and I went away for two nights for our anniversary and today I mowed around it again.  This time I noticed something that had not been on the tree when I had looked at it last.  About four inches off the ground several small leaves were shooting off the side of the tree.  I could not believe my eyes.  I excitedly announced my findings to the whole family and we joyfully inspected the tree together.  After our inspection I filled a watering can and gave my little “dead” tree a nice watering.

I was thinking as I was watering the tree: I sure am glad I did not dig this up last week.  It reminded that sometimes we give up to easily in life.  We just aren’t quite patient enough.  The real reason my tree survived is not because I am patient.  Rather it is because I procrastinated.

In life there are many things that take a long time to take root and produce fruit and I am not just referring to trees and other plants.  Spiritual growth, friendships, love and a host of other things are often given up on to quickly.  Yet instead of giving up and throwing these things away (like I was going to do to my tree) we need to continue to faithfully water and baby these things along.  You never know, you might just be suprised what can happen if you don’t give up so quickly.  I know I was!

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Some prayers that have been prayed for over 20 years and no answer make you feel like giving up, but to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day!


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