Nobody Wants Mediocrity but Few Strive for Excellance

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Good To Great in God's Eyes, Uncategorized
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Today I am embarking on ten day spiritual exercise. I hope that it is fruitful and not a vain waste of my time and effort.

I will be using the book by Chip Ingram that is entitled “Good to Great in God’s Eyes” as my textbook for this journey. I plan to spend time during each of the next ten days to examine the ten topics that Chip has laid down in his book.

I have a statement that I regularly say to the students that I minister to, it is “the great people in history were not great by accident”. In order to become highly effective world changes for Christ the same is true. We do not wake up one day and all of a sudden become super spiritual. Time, work, and effort are all required.

In the introduction to this book, Chip made an observation about Luke 22 that intrigued me. In Luke 22 we find a very interesting dialogue on greatness. I call it a dialogue but actually it is more like a heated argument amongst the disciples.

The statement that Chip made was as follows “Jesus never rebuked them for their longing to be great. He gave them a completely new paradigm about what greatness is, but he didn’t condemn their desire.” He then adds, “I was intrigued by that.”

Nobody wants mediocrity but few strive for excellance. I don’t know about you but I desire to be all I can be as a believer and a pastor. I know I can do better and be used by God to impact many more people for Christ. It isn’t so Jon Goodwin can be great in the world’s eyes. It is so Christ can receive more glory.

So I ask that you join me as I study this book and share my thoughts on the ten topics found in this book in the next ten days.


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