Who is really to blame for moral decay and removal of God?

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I am curious what those of you out in cyberspace think.
Tell me, who is really to blame for the moral downturn of our country?
Who is really to blame for the removal of God in our society?

Opinions welcome: Let’s dialogue.

  1. Chad says:

    Personally I think it’s Christians. I recently got into a discussion regarding the decline of the effectiveness of the public school system and my argument there was the same. Christians are totally responsible.

    My analogy is, if you remove light from a dark room, and then complain that it’s dark, who is responsible for the darkness? You are. If the world is a dark, bleak, hopeless place then the people who are responsible for being uplifting, encouraging, and hope-providing, aren’t doing their jobs.

    Christians are far too comfortable in sitting in their church pews, homeschool classrooms, and private Christian schools, colleges, and then on to careers where they’re silent about what they believe, to make much of a dent in the *world* at large. Looking at scripture you’ll see that Jesus did not use this technique, because it doesn’t work.

    Christians should be actively involved in politics, pubic school boards, town justices, and every other possible public area as they can (as long as they feel God has given them a calling to it) then I think we would see God bless our efforts to permeate the culture with Godly morals.



  2. pastor242 says:

    Chad are you telling me that “lifestyle evangelism” is merely an excuse not say anything?


  3. Roger V says:

    The people who keep on voting the IDIOTS into office that will not listen to what the people they represent want.


  4. Robin Morse says:

    Satan has taken every opportunity to cause the moral decay of our society. He has used the government, the family, communities, and even churches for his agenda. Any and all who look to him or his ways for inner peace will never find it. As this nation turns further away from God, the moral decay increases……until God says ENOUGH…it is finished!


  5. GREG stanton says:

    modern communication….maybe the Amish know more than we give them credit for.


  6. Chad says:

    Jon, I think lifestyle evangelism is an entirely valid way of witnessing. But in an age where many people believe that “everyone *can* be good” living an ethical life is something that’s not exclusively “Christian”. So Christians who do live a lifestyle that is entirely proper and that does indeed show God’s grace as an outward reflection, that doesn’t totally mean that those who *see* that reflection will recognize Christianity as the source.


  7. pastor242 says:

    So Chad you think maybe some words should also be present with these actions?


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