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Here are some random thoughts I jotted down today after reading the sports section of the Buffalo Newspaper.

Brett Favre are you are you not committed to football?  Perhaps the reason you are so noncommittal is because in your old age (for a football player) you just do not want to go to training camp.  I know you have had injuries and surgeries but come on!  Please quick pretending you are never going to play again.  You love the attention and you love the drama.  I for one do not.  I am tired of the headlines and tired of hearing about you and your indecision every time I turn on ESPN.  It was old three years ago.

In my mind, you were a great player before you became a media circus.  Now you are just annoying.  I know that sounds harsh and maybe I should not have said that but leave the game playing on the football field.  I suppose what grates at me the most is the fact that there are several other quarterbacks that are wholeheartedly committed.  They work out year round.  They spent hours upon on the field training before you ever showed up or even acknowledged the fact that you once again would play.  They have studied tape, lifted weights, been screamed at by coaches, and are fighting for their jobs. 

Consistency is something that becomes the evidence of commitment.  Yet I see no consistency which is why football legend Brett Favre ticks me off.  People who are not committed to a cause 100% will make it known at some point.  It might not be purposeful but at some their consistency will waver. 

Consider the apostle Paul.  At one point an angry mob all picked up rocks and started throwing them at him.  They stopped once they thought he was dead and left his body outside the city for the birds of prey and other wild animals.  Shortly after these people left, Paul got to feet and again started preaching the gospel.  Why?  He was committed and as a result he was consistent.  He preached the message of the Cross at all cost.  Just because some people wanted him dead, did not mean they did not need Jesus. 

So let me ask you this, how consistent are you?  Does your consistency waiver when life gets tough?  If it does, you might want to carefully consider how committed you truly are because the consistency of how you live is typically a mirror image of your commitment.