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Revelation 1.17a says, “When I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man.”

Verses 12-16 is a fairly impressive description of the glorified Christ. I could get into a description of what each of the different elements of Christ’s appearance represents. But guess what? I won’t! We can save that for another day. Instead I want to take a brief look at the result of being in the presence of Christ.

Fear and falling down both seem to play a major role when it comes to seeing things that are heavenly. Throughout all of Scripture, when angels appear to people they usually start their messages with the words “fear not”. In fact that is what Christ says to John in the end of verse 17. He says, “do not be afraid…”

So why do people fear when they see the glorified Christ, or angels? Why is it that they tend to fall on the ground?
Do you remember when Moses was in the presence of God? He saw the backside of the Lord and when the people saw him he was forced to cover his face because he was shining from the glory of the Lord! They were terrified of Moses. Something was different about him. They feared Moses for the same reason people in Scripture fear angels. The glory of the Lord was evident. People (and angels) are changed in the presence of the Lord. Something happens and it is noticeable to the world around them.

For this reason, you and I cannot spend time with God in prayer and in His word and not be changed. God’s presence demands change. A reaction will occur. Moses glowed, John fell down, and the angels invoked fear! What kind of change has occurred in your life lately due to your proximately with the Lord? If you can’t site any change then maybe it is time to purposely change!

Lack of change in a believer screams lack of involvement with their Lord. Being in the presence of God affects people. How affected are you and how effective are you?