Thoughts on the Book of Revelation

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Lessons From Scripture, Revelation
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I am currently trying to write out practical applications on the book of Revelation. In doing so I am not trying to explain every jot and tiddle but to help show that even an intimidating book like Revelation is jam packed with practical truths that we can apply to every day life.  So I would ask that you follow my newest entries that will be posted weekly on my thoughts from the book of Revelation. My prayer is that you will be both blessed and challenged!

If you are a member of my Sunday morning Discipleship Hour class I would strongly encourage your interaction with these posts. 

God Bless!

~Pastor Jon~

  1. Dennis says:

    Perhaps the most practical thing we could do would be to stop looking at it as some futuristic book about what will happen during the eschaton but rather as a directive for how our worship on Earth shoud be reflective of the worship that is continually happening in Heaven.


  2. Rev. Charles Harmon says:

    Hey Bro.

    I am supporting your right to free speech. Christians in particular are being censored at an alarming rate these days and it is increasing. Case in point – the Baptist minister in UK that was arrested for sharing his belief that homosexuality is a sin.

    On another note, before you go begin your notes in Revelation, might I suggest you get a copy of David Chilton’s book, THE DAYS OF VENGEANCE; An Exposition on the book of Revelation. It is an OUTSTANDING resource on both the intent and recipients of the book, as well as connecting it to the biblical symbology of the OT without which Revelation becomes a disjointed read.
    It was written by Chilton about 10 years before his heart attack and change of mind to the heretical position that Christ has already returned for the second time. Sadly, he died without letting anyone know if he had recanted and returned to orthodoxy.

    His book, though, is well worth your time.

    Info for the book:

    The Days Of Vengeance (1987)

    An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

    David Chilton

    Forward by Gordon Wenham, Phd (until 2005 senior professor of Old Testament at the University of Gloucestershire, a post he held for 10 years. He is currently lecturing at Trinity College, Bristol see

    Dominion Press

    ISBN : 0-930462-09-2


  3. pastor242 says:

    Thanks Rev! I’ll definately be checking into the book. I am always looking for a new book to read.


  4. ZemihileCig says:

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



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