The Day My Cap Gun Died

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Life Lessons, Uncategorized
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I will never forget the day that my cap gun broke.  I loved that cap gun.  Why did it have to happen? 

About 6:30 in the morning on a road that runs parallel to the train tracks in my hometown, Medina, NY.  I was armed with bag full of newspapers, a cap gun and an endless supply of paper caps.  As I was delivering papers I was shooting nearly every house, cat, dog, squirrel, and tree I could find.  I was having a grand old time. 

Let me tell you, this gun was sweet.  You could shoot caps as fast as you pulled the trigger.  It would make a noise and the sparks would fly.  In my mind, I was a cowboy in the Wild West or a gangster like Al Capone.  I was unstoppable and then it happened.

It broke! My gun broke and it was irreparable.  Reality was it wasn’t as cool as I thought it was.  In fact it was quite cheap.  Pieces required to operate actually broke into multiple chunks of useless plastic.  I was pretty upset.  Sadness, anger, and disappointment all were experienced the day my cap gun died.

Somewhere in China my gun had been made for a purpose.  That purpose:  to bring hours of enjoyment to a young boy.  It was meant to snap paper caps.  Now it did neither of these things.

I am sure you can relate with me.  Surely you at some point had something that you loved fail to do what it was created to do.  Maybe it was car that you could not afford fix.  Perhaps a kickball that developed a hole that just could not be plugged.  Whatever the case was, you probably got a bit upset.  After all you paid for that item.  It was yours and now it was useless.

With that in mind, I wonder how it makes God feel when His creatures (you and me) that He bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6.20) fail to operate as He intended.  He saved us and when He did He had a particular task in mind that only we could fulfill (Ephesians 2.10).  Christians believe and preach this truth yet we continually fail to fulfill our calling.  It makes it seem fairly ironic that while we fail to fulfill the purpose God has place on our lives, we have the nerve to get angry when life does not go our way.  We slip into Jonah chapter three mode where our comfort becomes more important than the salvation of the world.

God is asking us to make an eternal mark on this world and in the lives of those around us.  Yet we get so caught up in the temporal stuff that we seem to forget.  Again I say, I wonder how that makes God feel.

  1. John says:

    Thanks for putting things back in perspective for me. We as Christian continually fail to realize that our eteranl life was bought and paid for by Jesus Christ so that we may complete the task that God has planned for each of us. The great thing about that is that he forgives us for our shortcomings and will steer us back on the right path. That is where we differ from the chinese cap gun cause he can heal us, put us back together and all it takes is a willingness to repent and follow his guidebook for our lives.
    Thank you God for putting Jon Goodwin in my life at a time when I needed to hear this message.


  2. pastor242 says:

    Thanks for sharing! How encouraging it is that He offers that forgiveness and guidance. I know I need it!


  3. Lisa Long says:

    Excellent analogy; excellent and thought-provoking Word.

    I would only add that I believe that God, in His infinite knowledge, is NEVER surprised when we either fulfill or fail to live up to our calling. In my opinion, nothing just ‘occurs’ to the Mind of God, and so, believing that, I have to believe that in the Love, Mercy and Grace that simply IS God, He uses even our failings to bring us wisdom, humility, and to the place of a changed heart, one that is willing to be and do all that God intended.

    I believe that God knew about the big fish long before Jonah found himself there in its belly. God knew that Jonah would come to that place where serving God and obeying Him would truly become Jonah’s heart. By accepting that God is all-knowing, I must deduce that God is also never surprised; and then I would be constrained to question whether or not I could ever disappoint Him, because to me, “disappointment” implies that a certain expectation was not met. I know that God would rather I follow Him in the first place, instead of ‘taking the long way around’, but, I cannot believe that He is ever surprised when I fall, when I fail, or when I come through for His Glory.

    God’s Grace is big enough, I believe, to walk with me, as the Scripture says, whether I am in the best of places, or the depths of Hades. He will NEVER leave me, nor forsake me, and this promise of God does not depend on me or my actions, as David’s life often demonstrated. God is initimately aware of my thoughts, my actions, and my life ‘from end to beginning’; He is not locked in our sense of time, moment by moment. He sees the whole picture, all at once.

    All that to say, that God rejoices in our obedience and our devotion to Him, but He came for all, even those who may wander from the path, even many times; and since He is Almighty God, He is not surprised, and I believe, not even disppointed, as He ‘foreknew’ that it would take His Son’s Blood and Death to reunite me to relationship to Him…..just my two cents.

    I enjoyed reading your article and applaud your stand for Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory!


  4. pastor242 says:

    Thanks for your input!


  5. charles says:

    Thanks bud.


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