Peter Drucker’s 5 Questions

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Thoughts
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If Peter Drucker were here to sit down with your organization, he would ask, “What is your mission? Who is your customer? What does your customer value? What are your results?” and “What is your plan?” 
I wonder how the typical church would change if Mr. Drucker served as chairman of the board?  I have to believe severe change would be in order.  Well, severe changes would be in order for at least 80% of the churches in America.  Statistics teach us that 80% of the churches in America have either plateaud or are shrinking.  Surely this would not be ok for this man who devoted his life to the study of leadership and management and was a self-prescibed “social ecologist”. 
I know this an extremely hypothetical question.  After all Mr. Drucker died in November of 2005.  He won’t be sitting in at your next board meeting.  However, I believe his question should be asked at each and every meeting that religious organizations and entrapenurial organizations have.  Why?  Well, having vision, a plan, and a genuine knowledge who you are along with who your target group is, will only serve to make you more effective. 
Very few Christians will argue with me if I state that we must pursue excellance in all that we do.  One of the ways we can pursue excellance is ask Peter Drucker’s five questions at our next meeting and then answer them honestly.


  1. Rob Abell says:

    I just read an article called, “Incentives For Decline: Why Some Churches Really Don’t Want to Grow” It unpacked in 2 pages what it took me 20 months to finally figure out here. We can ask those questions and even come up with a solution, but the reason so many hurches do not want grow is because people do not want to, no matter what they say, which is why every small step forward seems to lead to a push back by someone.
    What I think we need is to be strong and courageous and call out the reasons we prefer safety and sameness over risk and possibility, and model risk in Jesus name, or, what I’ve found is all the customer studies and vision statements in the world change nothing.
    I guess what I am saying is, we can plan, but that plan will require someone to grow a set and go for it, and noone typically is really that interested.
    Did this sound encouraging…because it was supposed to be. I’ll get you that article.


  2. pastor242 says:

    Rob, I would love to see that acticle. Sounds interesting.


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