The Purpose of This Blogtastic Blog

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Why write a blog?  Is it about shameless, self-promotion?  Not really.  If I wanted that, I would open a twitter account. 

The reason I have chosen to enter the blog writing adventure is I want people to have the chance to learn lessons from life and Scripture that my God has blessed me with.  My writing is rarely conceptual but rather it is fairly practical material that God has used to challenge my life.  So that is it.  I want to provide practical life and Scripture lessons that you, the reader, can use to encourage and challenge you in your spiritual journey.

Please leave feedback.  If you do, I will try to make sure I respond.  God Bless!

  1. pastor242 says:

    Hey twitter users. I am just messing around. Not trying to offend anyone:) Truth is, I don’t have a twitter because I am not cool enough.


  2. Jon I’m really happy to see you blogging. I’ve missed having you bring messages a lot – more so lately than ever I do believe.

    And you should totally tweet.


  3. pastor242 says:

    Chad did you subscribe?


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